Charity Rdeča Žoga


Elektroncek Group - Charity Rdeča Žoga
Rdeča Žoga is a non-profit, non-governmental charity organization with a mission to provide social security as well as sports and cultural education to children throughout Slovenia. In order to improve the quality of Slovenian sports and the material position of young athletes and athletes with disabilities, the Pečečnik family founded Rdeča Žoga in 2009. By providing financial aid, we have helped to improve the everyday lives of many Slovenian families and children. A key charity event sees businessman and co-founder of Rdeča Žoga Joc Pečečnik, and NHL-star Anže Kopitar, join forces every year. By auctioning off items from famous foreign and Slovenian athletes, and soliciting donations from successful Slovenian companies, funds raised in their charity golf tournaments exceed half a million euros.

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