Nautical digital concepts

Developing ultimate nautical management software to its simplest, effective version that saves you money, time and brings you more careless and joyable yacht experinece, created by Joc Pečečnik, experienced captain.

Superior vessel software made to handle all your management needs

Save time for yacht Management. Manage your yacht in a palm of your hand and have total control of every aspect of it. Turn your smartphone into digital cabinet containing information for secure and efficient yacht maintainance. Enjoy yachting as it should be.

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Efficient managing of your crew and their work anytime and anywhere


Track all your spendings and have control over your budget


Know what you have aboard, where it is stored, get notified when it’s time to re-order


Track you route and get notified when it’s time to refuel

Easy to use, user friendly

Track and manage your yacht maintenance tasks with just few clicks on your mobile device

Saves you time and money

Keep tracking crew work and your assets

Keeps you organized

Enables you total overview of all aspects of your yacht

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