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We invest in the best real estate at the best locations, working closely with the world’s top brands from management and branding. Our current investments are located in Venice (Italy), Opatija (Croatia), St. Moritz (Switzerland), and Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Venice (Italy)

In the heart of Venice, just a stone’s throw from St. Mark’s Square lies a marina, one of the few parts of Venice that remain buildable. Our mission is to build a luxury resort and marina – Venice Marina Resort – in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Sealeven (Opatija-Ićići, Croatia)

The Sealeven property consists of exquisitely designed buildings that form a strip which is perfectly cited to allow an unobstructed view of the Kvarner bay. The Sealeven property and its rental pool generates regular recurring revenue for the owners by renting each property as hotel inventory. The rental pool program is operated by Bevanda and allows, through this scheme, the owners to receive a regular income. The dedicated residential staff offers full management of your property, which guarantees carefree ownership. The Sealeven residence combines the warmth of home and the comforts of a world-class hotel. Residents have access to a lobby area, 24-hour concierge, and security service. Additionally, residents can enjoy amenities such as a private swimming pool and pool area and a landscaped garden area.

St. Moritz (Switzerland)

In the luxurious Swiss alpine resort of St. Moritz lies a deserted hotel that we will revive in the coming year. Our guests will be able to enjoy all the glamour, sport, and natural features of this beautiful town, located 1,856 m above sea level.
Our portfolio also includes offices in Ljubljana, the Arboretum Golf Course, Bežigrad Stadium, land for a food logistics center, and the Tiskarna business center in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Golf Course Arboretum

The Arboretum Golf Course is located amidst unspoiled nature, on the edge of the renowned Arboretum Botanical Garden, in the town of Volčji Potok. It lies some 8 km from the highway and 15 km from the Ljubljana airport. The golf course is one of the three best-maintained and visited golf courses in the region and boasts the largest number of club players in Slovenia. In recent years, the golf course has hosted numerous local and international competitions and has seen many business events, weddings, and anniversary gatherings. The golf course will be fully renovated by 2024 and offer everything the modern golfer needs, both in terms of golf and additional offerings. With the help of the experts from Arboretum Botanical Garden, we will plant the whole golf course, making it the first Botanical golf in the world. The course will boast a picturesque main building that will provide comfort to golfers and other visitors. Club and business spaces will be designed for socializing and hosting business meetings and seminars, and many social gatherings will take place on the training greens in the shade of surrounding pine trees. A modern restaurant, fitness center, cigar club, winery, and SPA will be available in the club building. The restaurant will have the capacity to host events of up to 250 guests. A pro shop, promotional car saloon, and a specialized 1:1 fitness concept will also be offered. We will be also able to host the most demanding clients with our VIP club. In addition to the main building, a new training facility and driving range will also be built on the golf course. The training facility will be based on an electronic system, which will measure every shot. This will allow league plays 365 days a year. All of this will offer plenty to enjoy for both experienced golfers and first-timers.

Tiskarna business center Ljubljana

This project is a renovation of an old print shop in Ljubljana. The building will include 4.606 m2 of basement, consisting of 133 parking spaces for vehicles, 104 parking spaces for bicycles, a reception, a coffee shop, and the technical premises. On the ground floor, fitness and offices will be spread out over 4.909 m2. The space will also feature a gallery level spread out over 1.815 m2, which will also include a fitness and an office space. Construction is expected to be completed in June 2023.

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